Conspiracy Theories with Kyle Moody

Thursday, January 147:00—8:00 PMZoom

Contrary to popular belief, the typical conspiracy theorist is not a person living in a basement wearing a tinfoil hat. The changes in technology and human connection over the past two decades have resulted in a staggering amount of misinformation available at the touch of a button for all individuals. The rise of conspiracy theories in the United States and the world represents a convergence of technology, internet democracy, and disbelief in our institutions. Today, seemingly ordinary people are exposed to more fringe beliefs than ever before, and several of them have extraordinary staying power through social media memes, groups, and communities.

For example: 

A quarter of Americans believe that COVID-19 was planned by powerful individuals. 

There has been a marked rise in the awareness of QAnon as a conspiracy theory during the Trump administration.

10% of Americans believe the moon landing was faked. 

15% of registered American voters believe that the Illuminati - a rumored cabal of people who supposedly rule the world - exists.

And let’s not even get started on 5G wireless technology!

 This talk will focus on how conspiracy theories became a focal point of our country in recent years, and what we can do to avoid falling for them in the future. The talk is meant to be approachable while also touching on deeper topics, so we hope you’ll join us!

Dr. Kyle Moody, an associate professor of Communications Media at Fitchburg State University, is an expert in online communities, media and information distribution, and social media production.

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